What Can a Korean Translation Agency Do For You?

For human interactions, a quality Korean translation agency is essential. They will handle your documents with care, and work together with you to foster bilateral relations. South Korea is an important player in the Asia Pacific, and its thriving e-commerce market makes it an ideal place to expand your business. By hiring a professional Korean translation agency, you can capitalize on this growing market and establish long-term business ties. Read on to discover what a quality translation agency can offer you.


The translation process with Gengo can take as little as 168 hours. This fast turnaround time is ideal for shorter translation orders, but the agency also supports longer projects. Turnaround times provided by Gengo are estimates and will be updated as your translation moves through the translation process. You can even review your translation online right from your 3Play Media account. Gengo’s services range from a basic overview of your content to offering a style guide and glossary.

Gengo’s new investors share the same global service-oriented business model, so they are likely to be a good fit. In the long run, these investors could even buy the agency outright. However, Gengo CEO Romaine denied that discussions had taken place regarding a potential exit. The company processes over 300 million pieces of translated content a year, and last year launched a data portal. However, despite the recent news, Gengo continues to receive funding.


If you’re looking for a Korean translation agency that provides top-quality translation services, Pangeanic is your best bet. They offer a variety of different services that range from standard document translation to specialized literary translations. For example, Pangeanic offers literary translations for legal and business documents. Their translations accurately convey the message and meaning of the original text while preserving the style of the original work. Their services include translations of novels, stories, poetry, creative texts, and even theater scripts.

Korean is a challenging language to translate, but a top-quality translation is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Pangeanic offers translation services in over 50 languages. Their expert team of translators uses the latest computer-assisted translation tools to provide accurate and timely translations. They have years of experience in Korean translation, and their staff specializes in a variety of fields. Whether you need a translation for a business document, or a birth certificate for a family member, Pangeanic can help.


When looking for a translation agency in Korea, consider GTS. They provide both Korean and Chinese translation services online. Their translators are both freelancers and employed staff, which may mean less accuracy. Nevertheless, they do offer a wide range of services, such as YouTube and audiovisual translation. They also offer certification. If you need a certified translation, GTS will help you establish contact with international legal bodies. There are numerous benefits to working with GTS.

Korean translations are essential for businesses expanding into the country. Koreans are highly skilled in a variety of fields, including IT. Thus, IT-related documents, legal documents, and business materials all require accurate translation. GTS offers expert translation services in each field, from legal documents to financial records. GTS has translators who speak over 80 languages. The translation process consists of a combination of human translation and advanced CAT tools.

JR Language Translation

JR Language Translation is a korea translation agency that provides certified, professional, and technical translation services in over 100 languages. In addition to translating legal documents, JR Language Translation also provides conference and telephone interpretation services. They can also provide translations of original songs and documents. If you need your document or website translated in just a few days, JR Language Translation is the company to turn to. The translation service will ensure that your document is translated accurately and on time.

JR Language Translation Services, Inc. has successfully translated WordPress website copy and worked in different file formats. They worked with us to input the content into our website, which is available in multiple languages. The final product was professional and met all of our specifications. In addition to this, JR Language Translation is an IT company based in New Delhi with 38 employees. They provide professional translation services for enterprises, midmarket businesses, and small businesses.