Top fours causes of vehicles fire in Thailand

    Fire is one of the many disaster losses that might occur in any vehicle in Thailand. It causes property damages and life harm, such as total automobile damage, disability, or death in the worst-case situation. There are numerous examples of automobile fires in Thailand these days that you should be aware of and avoid ahead of time to reduce the severity of the loss. Fire is made up of three elements: oxygen, fuel, and heat. Water is the most basic approach to put out a fire. The following are the top four causes of car fires:

1.     The fuel leaking

Fuel leaks are the leading cause of automobile fires, according to statistics. A fire is formed when a spark ignites. If you are driving a car and smell fuel, you should find a safe parking area and exit the vehicle at a safe distance. If you notice any abnormalities, consult a professional technician before driving to avoid a car fire.

2.     The car’s electrical system failure

One of the reasons for automobile fires is a malfunctioning electrical system and improper wiring. A light bulb that has been damaged might be a source of ignition. A car’s electrical system that has been in use for a long period can degrade. You should get your car’s electrical system checked and maintained on a regular basis to avoid it failing.

Car leaking fluids

          A car’s oil leak, whether it’s engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, or coolant, is something that all drivers must take seriously. Even if there appears to be a small amount of leakage, the situation might become severe. Because if it spills directly into the car’s hot exhaust pipe, it might explode. It may ignite, resulting in a car fire. Before driving, everyone should thus always check for oil leaks. To ensure your own and others’ safety on the road.

Having the electric conductor

            Numerous objects, including those holding flammable liquids, lighters, gas cans, and spray cans, can cause a car fire. Items with a chargeable battery, such as power banks,  Mobile telephones, e-cigarettes, and charging cords for non-standard electrical devices. However, plastic water bottles may appear safe, but when exposed to direct sunlight, they act as a magnifying glass, focusing light onto a single point and then onto an extremely flammable item. It may start a fire in a matter of a few minutes.

 These are Thailand’s top four vehicle fire causes. Don’t forget to protect yourself against fire by using the methods given above. In the case of a car, there are three types of car insurance that provide coverage: Class 1, Class 2, and Class 2+, which will provide coverage in the event of a fire, whether spontaneous or caused by a fire accident, the coverage will follow the details and conditions specified in the insurance policy. Before purchasing a car to drive in Thailand, I highly recommend you to purchase voluntary car insurance in Thailand in Class 1 with Rabbit Care via since if you are faced with a car accident, you can contact the staff to receive roadside assistance services all the time. Moreover, the repair cost would be paid by the insurer as well.