The Wider Mind of Christ

Music Ministries — Saint David's Episcopal Church, Gales Ferry, Connecticut

Christ, the oneness we all are. Many people wonder and ask, “What or who, is the anti-Christ.”

Often claiming to be total oneness and whole, a thought system that is a part of human kind really only sees and believes in separation from our Source. This is why we’re often frightened or insecure. This is why this same thought system-called the ego-based mind believes so highly in idols.

Having idols is a wish that is given form and is perceived as real. It is always seen as outside the mind. But it is still only a perceived thought.

Idols-the anti-Christ, if you will-is the perception jesus christ gospel of love that merely blankets the Christ mind in you, like a dark veil that seems to shut off the real you. Have you ever made a sarcastic and judgmental comment, only to immediately say to yourself, “I can’t believe I just said that” or “That’s not like me”?

How can we achieve success in this world if we can’t be Who we truly are?

Or have you ever, in a frightened or insecure moment, told yourself, “What the hell am I afraid of?” This is the Christ-mind coming through the veil.

The idol works at keeping you in the darkness, and sooner or later or even immediately, the illusion is seen for what it is when the light shines through. Look at it this way: Does a cloud turn off the sun’s light, or does it merely obscure the light? No more can a veil vanish the face of Christ.

What really is the face of Christ? It is the Wholeness of what you are. It is how you picture yourself when you say, “I can’t believe I just said that.” Or it can be the strength you picture when you say, “What the heck am I afraid of?”

It’s like this, These pictured thoughts of your real strength and your real truth are the face of Christ.

It is the thoughts you have of this interlocking chain of oneness and love and truth-your own thoughts, and not those of an organization or another individual.

The world of idols in itself is a veil that the ego uses to cover this picture. When the picture-the face of Christ-is covered it leaves us with dark and fearful questions. We cannot see where our safety lies, so we rely on idols for direction.

Idols often are a substitute for what lies under the veil, leaving no room for truth and knowledge. It is the perceived way, where everything that is real is excluded. It is as though a hand is held up in traffic, demanding God to stop for a while so traffic can flow by.

Who or what could truly have a voice to make such a demand? We believe our idols are “more than everything,” but how can what is not whole and infinite accomplish that? This wholeness we are is Christ, having no enemy and certainly not of physical form.

Let’s not see Christ as a man or woman, but more so, what makes a man or woman.

With this truth known within you, what do you need in idols? Nothing! You must believe in idols before it can have power over you, so that it can be feared. This gives it life in your separated and dreaming mind.

If truth and fear cannot coexist, then there cannot be any truth to idols. The idols in our minds feed on fear, and truth will lift the veil where the picture of who you truly are is revealed. Many people live their entire lives knowing the truth of who they are, but never are able to lift the veil due to this fear.