The Importance of URL Shortening and Link Cloaking For Affiliate Marketers

If you are an affiliate of a business or sell a product in the affiliate program you will receive an online link with the affiliate code. The link is typically composed of a lengthy number of numbers or numerals that identify the product and an affiliate google utm builder.

The issue with affiliate links is that not just that they are too long for others to to input manually into their browsers, they also give your affiliate data for thieves who would like to take your commission or drive traffic to the sales page. Link Cloakers were created to aid affiliate marketers. If you’re involved in affiliate marketing, you must always make use of the link cloaker. Here’s why…

Advantages of making use of link cloakers

  1. It reduces the length of your website’s URL making it simpler to read and to type.
  2. It conceals (cloaks) the information of your affiliate so that it can’t be taken away.
  3. It records the number of people who use the link that is disguised.
  4. It could bring you additional income or help you build your portfolio.

Link cloakers are an excellent (and essential) tools for affiliates. They not only safeguard your data and sales however, nearly all cloakers keep records of the visitors to the cloaker. This can be extremely helpful to determine the efficacy of your marketing campaigns, at the very least from a perspective of traffic viewpoint.

As discussed in section 4 above, Cloakers can also provide an source of income for you. A lot of cloakers place an advertisement bar at the upper or lower part of your site, displaying advertisements for various services or products. If you select one that does not promote anything other than your own products, with an affiliate link or linking to a sign-up webpage for your mailing list,, you will also benefit from an additional source of income or list building tool.

There are many alternatives for affiliate marketers to use and certain affiliate program companies will offer their affiliates the option of a the cloaker. But I’d suggest that the cloaker you select is compatible with all four factors I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Some cloakers are not suitable. Here are five signs you need to be aware of …

Cloaker Cautions:

  1. Certain links that are cloakers generate revenue for the owner of the cloaker
  2. Certain link are cloakers “over direct” and your affiliate link will be lost
  3. Certain link cloakers run huge ads that can be annoying or even run timers
  4. Certain link cloakers can cost you money
  5. Certain cloakers could cause you to be exiled from certain forms of advertising

When choose a cloaker that has an advertising bar, stay clear of any cloaker that displays ads , or any other affiliate link that is not yours. Traffic you create should make YOU revenue and not an opponent. This is a frequent issue within the “viral advertising” cloaker world. Make sure you choose a cloaker which promotes affiliate products or links , or even creates the list of your own. Make sure that the advertising bar is slim and not obtrusive. Distracting people by displaying a large bar that is cloaked in a cloaker will not earn you any sales, and could get you banned from some advertising websites.