TESCO Online Bill online check & Download

I am the TESCO Online Bill. For years of service to Tesco, I am now very old and slow; please help me up if you see me lying on my side without moving. Sometimes, there are many people with shopping trolleys who go through the same aisle as myself. Please be careful when pushing your trolley past me – sometimes they come out of control!

When you first brought me home, you may have noticed that my top sheet has an on/off button on it. If I run into difficulty accepting your bill payment on this screen, then unplugging me for a moment and plugging me back in can fix things. 

Sometimes I refuse to accept anything at all; please dial 1471 immediately so that I can receive your telephone number and you can be given a unique security code to enter on my keypad.https://onlinebill.pk/tesco-online-bill

TESCO also runs several financial services, including TESCO Credit and Tesco Bank. If we meet in the future, you may want to consider obtaining one of these accounts from me. 

For example, if you choose TESCO Credit and pay your bill in full every month, then no interest will be applied and you will not have to worry about having insufficient funds in your bank account when I ask for payment!

If there is ever any trouble with me accepting cash or cheques for bills that need to be paid by cash or cheque, please dial 1066 immediately so that I can explain what is happening to someone who understands English.

I am sure you will be happy to know that I have chosen the following benefits for you:

* The benefit of having your bill paid on time every month without fail (except when there is insufficient money in your account).

* The benefit of not having to worry about me asking for payment because you do not have any money.

* The benefit of paying no interest if you pay your bill by direct debit and then clear your balance before the end of each statement period.