4 Signs That It May Be Time for Assisted Living

When deciding whether or not to move into assisted living, it’s important to recognize the signs that it may be time to consider this major life change. The transition can be difficult if you aren’t prepared, but the right preparation and knowledge will help you make your decision with confidence. 

If you see any of these four signs that it may be time for assisted living, then you should speak with your physician or visit an assisted living community to discuss moving in. 

  1. Sudden Decline in Health

If you or your loved one suddenly experience a decline in health, it may be time to look into assisted living. For example, maybe they are having difficulty getting out of bed or completing daily tasks that used to be routine. When this happens, an assisted living facility can provide the necessary care. 

You should also contact their doctor and arrange to see them soon if possible. Also, if cooking becomes too difficult, then it might be time to consider a nursing home or assisted living facility where meals are served regularly. 

  1. Change in Mood or Behavior

It can be hard to know when someone is ready to move from their home and into assisted living. Sometimes it’s because they need more care, but sometimes it’s just because their loved ones want them to be closer. 

No matter the reason, if you notice a change in mood or behavior from your loved one that lasts a few weeks, it may be time for assisted living. However, you must also discuss the matter with them if they are ready to live in an assisted living facility. 

  1. Difficulty with Daily Activates

If you are noticing that a senior folk in your home is having difficulty with daily activities like standing up, sitting down, or going to the washroom, it may be time for them to join an assisted living facility. It will make their life much easier and will also be a good step from your side. 

However, as mentioned above, you should always first consult with their doctor regarding their physical condition. They will help you decide whether or not it’s time for them to join the facility. 

  1. Need for Assistance Around the Home

As a senior citizen, if you are constantly asking your loved one to help with basic tasks around the home, it may be time to consider assisted living. This type of care is a perfect solution for seniors who need help getting out of bed, dressing, bathing, or using the restroom. 

You can also see if they have difficulty moving from room to room or accomplishing other daily tasks on their own. Older adults will often use up all their resources before they realize that it may be time for assisted living. 

Some other things include a decrease in socialization and preferring loneliness. At a certain age, we no longer like to have long conversations with people and just prefer loneliness over socialization. This may be a sign that it’s time to opt for living in an assisted facility.