3 Tactical Solutions for Boosting Your Online Presence

Maintaining your online presence is tantamount to success. Your goal is to ensure that people see your brand all the time. They might think about buying it right away, but your company is at the back of their minds. Eventually, they might decide to purchase your products and services. If you have a robust online presence, expect them to buy right away. It’s like commercials on TV. However, if they’re too memorable, you will think about the brand as you head to the store and buy. Here are some tactics for boosting your online presence recommended by topnotch digital marketing Chicago agencies.

  • Be active on social media 

Social media engagement is the best way to boost online presence. It’s where your target audiences are. You want to keep your social media active and entice them to keep visiting the page. They may also share your posts, and it helps pull more eyeballs to your page.

Another reason to focus on social media is it will probably get bigger in the future. New social media platforms rise all the time, and you can’t be behind the competition. Take TikTok as an example. No one thought it would be a big deal today. However, for businesses that target the younger demographic group, TikTok is where the action is. So stay active and try to keep up with the trend. 

  • Write guest blogs

Guest blogging isn’t a new strategy. It has been around since the start of online marketing, but it remains a viable tactic in maintaining an online presence. You want people to recognize your brand as a reputable option. Guest blogging also gives target audiences a reason to visit your page. The best part is you don’t directly talk about your company. Instead, you write quality articles. The link embedded in the guest post will bring the readers to your page. If they find the site relevant, it’s their choice if they will patronize the brand. Since many people continue to read blogs, it helps if you consider this strategy. 

Start with smaller article directories and work your way up. Popular blogs have high standards, and they don’t always accept articles. You want to publish as many quality articles as possible to increase potential views. 

  • Create quality videos

Videos are now the king of content. If you want to attract attention, use videos. They’re easy to consume and won’t take time. In today’s age where everything moves quickly, you want to give people something they can finish within a few minutes. Hence, creative videos go viral. Your goal is to make these videos more visible. Use different platforms to share what you made. Avoid videos that push people to buy your products. It makes you sound like a terrible salesman. Instead, you want these videos to be entertaining or informative. If you bring enough people into the fold, some of them might turn into paying customers. 


With these strategies, you can guarantee a robust online presence. You can even be competitive against some of the biggest names in the industry. However, these techniques are easier said than done. If you don’t know where to begin, you can work with digital marketing experts. You want them to help you decide how to move your online marketing campaign forward. You might have ideas on how to create an impressive strategy, but they’re not enough. You need people who have experience working with different clients before. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. They know how to attract attention through online campaigns. So keep trying and see where your efforts will lead you.