10 Questions With Custom Designer, Rhod Wilson Quilino

Born and raised within the Philippines and now a resident of Dubai, Quilino usually knew that he desired to be a custom shoe clothier. Now, as he is entering into his desires, you get to listen from him about how he got started on that direction, his aspirations, and what he is continually inspired by means of. Check it out, and in case you are inspired, SHARE IT!

HTCS: Tell us approximately how you bought into customizing shoes? How old had been you and what inspired you to do so?

Rhod: When I changed into in grade faculty I honestly loved drawings. Going to school I began to love footwear, and started out amassing them. As an artist I usually desired my shoes to be one-of-a-kind from others. I even have sketches of my personal shoe designs wishing in the future I can construct my own. That’s why I have looked for long term looking for paints and substances that I can use. At first, it now not clean to personalize (footwear). I can make the design, but the quality changed into now not sincerely suitable because of the paint. I began with trial and blunders, but after numerous trials, in the end I got the right materials. That’s after I began customizing shoes.

Sometimes you want to take the threat. It is not always perfect. We all started from the lowest. It’s like a sport, in case you lose, there is always a subsequent time. Keep on training.
HTCS: Do you observed that many human Custom Shoes beings are scared to customize their personal footwear for fear of messing up, or because they don’t assume that they’re an “artist” consistent with se? What do you say to those humans?

Rhod: I’m guilty! Haha. Like others, at the start, I’m fearful of messing up an steeply-priced shoe, however think of it, how can I construct greater dope shoes if I am not going to start with this. It’s a count of win or lose. Sometimes you need to take the threat. It is not always best. We all commenced from the lowest. It’s like a sport, if you lose, there may be continually a subsequent time. Keep on working towards.

HTCS: What do you watched the shoe custom world is in need of?

Rhod: A lot of publicity I assume. Because, if an artist makes an art work and no person sees its nonsense. Just like portray in canvas they want reveals.

HTCS: Top 3 favourite footwear of all time!?

Rhod: Kobe’s, Jordan’s, and Roshe runs.

HTCS: What important elements do use when customizing? (specific paints, brushes, and so on.)

Rhod: Angelus merchandise, any brush.

HTCS: Where do you get your thought when customizing?

Rhod: I’m getting suggestion on what is trending, on hype and dope. When I am customizing footwear I usually consider unique design, and to make sure no one made it earlier than me.

HTCS: If you had one desire, what would it not be?

Rhod: I want to be a clothier of a shoe agency.

HTCS: Where are you from and the way has your surroundings encouraged your art?

Rhod: I’ve graduated from the University of the East Caloocan Bachelor of Fine Arts, however I lived in Manila. I loved sketches, drawings and art work considering the fact that I’ve been in grade school. I constantly participate in unique artwork competitions nationwide.

HTCS: How tons time does it usually take you to personalize a pair of shoes?

Rhod: It depends on the layout the customer wanted. Sometimes, if it is only a minimal custom like converting flat hues it’s simply take 2-3weeks, however if it’s far a whole footwear and very special customization like images it takes approximately a month for me. 1-2 months maybe for me to make certain the excellent and the details.

HTCS: Where has customizing taken you to this point? And in which do you hope it leads?